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Alexis Milbridge is making amazing cakes and cupcakes, to help spread happiness. | WDIO

This week, she has eight cakes to make! “It sounds fun to me, so I’m excited to get to do it,” she told us.

It all started when she was in the 5th grade, and saw the show Cupcake Wars. “I wanted to learn how to do that,” she explained. So she watched a lot of YouTube videos, and worked on her craft.

Oreo Cake and a Bulldozer Cake from Lexi’s Cakes and Co. | Lexi’s Cakes and Co.

Some of the cakes she‘s made include one that looked like steak and potatoes, and one that is a can of Mountain Dew pouring pop down. “The hardest cake I’ve made so far was a fish cake a few weeks ago,” she shared. “I work best off of pictures, so I can visualize the process.”

Students and teachers at the school are lending a hand to help her out, as she learns more about running a company.

Mtn. Dew Cake and Viking’s Cake | Lexi’s Cakes and Co.

The goal is hopefully making enough to invest in new equipment like an air brush machine and an edible printer.

She said she is going to continue doing this, until she doesn‘t love it anymore. “My main thing is that I want to be able to show my love through my cakes. And make as many people as happy as possible.”

Check out her Facebook page for more info.


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